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Baby's growing up: Transition from the swaddle

When babies are first born, they are a bundle of nerves. Every little thing can startle them. When it comes to sleep, there is nothing more frustrating then putting in all the work to get your newborn to sleep and then having them startle awake 20 minutes later. Since we now know that it is safest for babies to sleep on their backs, swaddling has become a more common place solution to helping babies sleep and not startle awake. It is likely that when you were a baby, you slept on your tummy whereby the mattress muffled the startle reflex. This is why many grandparents today don’t understand the need for swaddling... [More]

One Parent's Decision on the Toddler Harness

You have probably had this conversation: a mom berates the toddler harness and vows that she will not ever use it because her child is not a dog. Then someone says it’s not a bad idea because it keeps your kid from getting lost, etc. I have avoided that conversation entirely... [More]