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Prenatal Yoga Teahcer Training - 85 Hours - Yoga Alliance

We are a Yoga Alliance
Registered Prenatal Yoga School

Teaching yoga to pregnant women means you become part of this incredible journey of one human being creating life for another one. The knowledge, skills, experience and intuition required to teach pregnant women are specific to this ever-changing time of a woman’s life. In this teacher training program you will fill up your tool bag and gain confidence in how to offer yoga to different women going through physical and emotional changes in this magical time of their lives.

You will understand what changes occur during pregnancy and learn how to design and teach classes specifically for pregnant women. By the end of the program you will have learned:


Lucia Cordeiro

Casey Yunits
AFPA Personal Trainer
Professional Doula

Marylee Bussard
LMT, KMI & Pilates Certified Instructor

* Yoga poses adapted for the 4 different trimesters (including postpartum)
* Yoga practices to alleviate pregnancy discomforts
* Breathing techniques to help a pregnant women find more ease and peace
* Mantras and mudras to help the pregnant woman connect with her baby
* Meditation techniques for pregnancy and birth, including visualization and relaxation
* Concepts of the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali and the Bhagavad Gita directed towards pregnancy, birth and postpartum
* Lifestyle suggestions for pregnancy
* The anatomy and physiology of a pregnant and postpartum woman
* Birth, its different phases and specific yoga tools that may help
* Common physical and emotional conditions that may occur during pregnancy, birth and postpartum
* Designing and teaching a prenatal class
* Adapting for a pregnant woman in a regular yoga class
* Suggestions for the postpartum woman and how safely return to a yoga practice
* Practice teaching both in teacher training and in the studio
* Fertility and yoga
* Creating community in prenatal classes
* Creating an environment to give mothers a safe space to experience comfort, calmness and joy

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