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Adult Classes

Note: All pricing options can be suspended for medical reasons or if you have your baby.

New client 3 month pre-paid
(Same day/before first class, Returning Member)
$99/mo   Buy
3 month pre-paid $119/mo   Buy
Month to month** $139/mo   Buy
10-pack of classes $199   Buy
Single class $25   Buy
New Client one class $20   Buy
Private Class (Call us!)

Children's classes

KinderMusik (Remember to Enroll under "Workshops")  
Trial class $25   Buy
10-week session $250  Buy
Child'Space Method 4-pack $100   Buy

Massages (20% off for members!)

60-minute Prenatal or Postnatal Massage $125
90-minute Prenatal or Postnatal Massage $150

Acupuncture: Please call (917) 355-3129

Essential Oils: Read more here.

Give a CocoonCare gift card

**Auto-renews monthly, cancelable at any time.
* Does not include workshops and children's classes.
* Upgrades to membership from other pricing options are available
^Applies to Partner Yoga class
~Pricing Sheet may vary from time to time