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"...all our trainers are certified in prenatal and postnatal training. This is your body and you are handing your baby over to someone..." See more

"There are so many resources out there and a lot of ways for women to get confused," said ****, 28. "Back when we were being raised, there was one model for everyone. Now there are so many different products and ways to customize how you raise your child. It's necessary to have experts come weed through the nonsense." In conversations with other pregnant women and new moms, **** said mothering topics often prompt them to start Googling on their phones — something she doesn't necessarily trust. So **** said she soaks up advice from family and friends but also appreciates experts' thoughts. "I need someone to be frank," **** said. "There are things you want to hear and things you don't want to hear. It's better from a third party than a sibling or a friend." In a similar effort, West Loop resident Kiran Advani found herself searching the Internet for questions she had about her first pregnancy two years ago. "There's no face, no community feeling, no connection anymore," Advani said. "We're all working to keep our heads above water and, little by little, losing the opportunity to make connections with each other. I wanted a village my child could grow up in." In February, Advani opened CocoonCare in River North — a fitness studio, information hub and social spot for mothers-to-be, new mothers and parents with young children. The concept of a mom-focused fitness studio isn't new, but Advani said she hopes pregnant women and new mothers will use the space to congregate, make friends and share information. "Women need this type of support — especially those trying to balance work and having a child," Advani said. "It's a tough but amazing time in life."
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"..Mother's day workout special". Click the Image to see more

"..CocoonCare is the first one-of-a-kind space and facility focuses on holistic health and wellness for moms-to-be and beyond in Chicago's River West area. CocoonCare is the brainchild of Healthy Moms® Certified owner and parents, Kiran Advani and Alok Jhamnani, takes a holistic approach when it comes to maternal health and well-being..." Read more

"..Stability ball exercises for expecting moms". See more


"..This holistic health and wellness center is designed for new and expectant moms. “When I was pregnant, I wanted a place where I could feel comfortable not only exercising, but learning about all components of pregnancy — keeping my baby healthy, preparing for labor and delivery, and even socializing with other like-minded women,” Kiran Advani, who co-owns the business with Alok Jhamnani, said in a press release. Located at 409 W. Huron St., Suite 100, on Chicago's Near North Side, CocoonCare offers open-floor monitored exercise; belly breathing; prenatal and postnatal body toning, yoga and Pilates; relationship-building couples classes; and workshops on lactation and nutrition." Read more